Bodhi (BOT): 120% Price Spike As Foundation Announces 100 million Token Airdrop


Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency have the potential to completely disrupt and transform global trends, and the sheer number of platforms and applications in the market show how it’s happening.

One of these is the Bodhi (BOT) predictions market. In terms of its value, BOT is one of the hottest tokens on the market this week. Its strong performance is pegged on its strong base in China and an increasing utilization of prediction sites around the globe.

Currently trading at $1.35 against the US dollar, the BOT token has surged a huge 53.40% in the last 24 hours and an astronomical 119% over the last 7 days. On  May 6, the value of BOT grew by over 100% as it spiked from $0.78 against USD, to hit a high of $1.55 before closing at $1.53.

Its market cap has also grown, rising from $ 23 in the last 7 days to the current $54 million, representing over 50% growth. This run has seen it climb up the charts to the current 233rd rank on

Massive AIRDROP brings BOE to Ethereum

Bodhi is already one of the hottest coins on the market, thanks to its rapid growth and popularity in the Chinese predictions market. And now the Bodhi Foundation has set their eyes on the global market by launching plans to have their platform on the Ethereum network.

This will be done by airdropping 100 million of the new Ethereum based ERC-20 tokens to all holders of the Qtum-based BOT, including the Bodhi Foundation that holds 40% of the current BOT tokens.

Announcing the cross-chain integration on Ethereum, the Bodhi Foundation said they plan to do it via a 1:1 free airdrop to all holders of BOT tokens. The move to have the Bodhi marketplace on Ethereum comes only into its successful launch on Qtum.

The decentralized dApp founders wish to see the platform expand and accommodate a wider user base, possibly by leveraging Ethereum’s popularity.

The upcoming airdrop has the potential to reel in more users who will be excited at getting their hands on free BOE tokens.

The airdrop was announced today via a medium post, which in part says:

“To facilitate Bodhi’s support of Ethereum, and to ensure that the platform is jointly managed by users from both communities, the Bodhi Foundation will issue a new token, BOE (Bodhi On Ethereum), based on the Ethereum ERC20 token model standard. The BOE will have the same 100 million total supply as the BOT token”

BOT users can participate in the airdrop by depositing their tokens to the exchanges that support the token in the market.  These are Bibox, LBank, Allcoin, Cobinhood,  and BigOne. Interested holders of the BOT token should ensure they have their tokens on the said exchanges by May 31, 2018, at 23:59 GMT (+8).

Every user with BOT tokens in their accounts on exchanges. The airdrop will be carried out on June 1, 2018, before 23:59 GMT (+8). Thereafter, the foundation has indicated that the tokens will be available for trading.

What is Bodhi (BOT) Coin?

Bodhi is a decentralized application developed for the prediction market. The token was launched on the Qtum mainnet and aimed at tapping into the potential of China’s predictions market.

Users on the platform use the BOT token to create and trade in various predictive events that include finance, information, sports, insurance, politics, and traditional markets like stocks.

The platform leverages an innovative mechanism via its BOT token to ensure there’s reliability, credibility, and autonomy. It is one of the very first dApps to be launched on Qtum, a unique blockchain that combines Bitcoin’s UTXO and Ethereum’s Virtual Machine.

What else should you know about Bodhi?

Bodhi initially conducted an ICO for its project before China enforced a blanket ban on all coin offering activities. As a result of the ban, the team had to refund $12 million raised during the initial coin offering to the investors.

However, the team was able to ingeniously circumvent the total ban by conducting another form of funds drive called Initial Exchange Offering that raised $24 million through a clever way of being listed on a number of exchanges. The project is led by founder Xiahong Lin, a former employee of giants like Tencent, Twitter, and Edmodo.

The project has also received backing from a number of companies that includes Dahua Capital, FBG, dCamp, Swiftcoin, and Ethos. The partnerships are set to grow with the upcoming move to have its dApp on Ethereum.

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