Bobby Lee Agrees Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Closer To Original Bitcoin Whitepaper


Bobby Lee, co-founder of BTCC and a prominent speaker at crypto conventions, has taken his stand as to which of the two Bitcoins is closest to the original white paper of Satoshi.

Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash which is closer to Satoshi’s Whitepaper

Ever since Bitcoin Cash was forked, the comparison between Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has existed.

At the CoinsBank Blockchain Cruise 2018, Bobby Lee held a talk about Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash which is likely to bring freedom to the world.

After speaking at the third CoinsBank Blockchain Cruise Mediterranean, Roger Ver, a Bitcoin Cash supporter also on the blockchain tour, seized the opportunity to question Bobby Lee about the topic. He asked:

“My question for YOU Bobby is…do you think…right now the BTC version of Bitcoin they say they want it to be a digital store of value, the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) version of Bitcoin wants to be a peer-to-peer electronic cash system for the world, which one of those versions of Bitcoin do you think is more likely to bring more freedom to the world, the digital store of value or peer-to-peer electronic cash system?”

Answering Roger Ver’s question, Bobby Lee said:

“Love that question…so Roger is the perfect person to ask me that question, he is putting me on the spot, literally on the stage on the spot. So I’ll say that you’ve noticed that all through my presentation I’ve only said Bitcoin, I don’t say BTC specifically nor do I say BCH, or anything else. The reason is that in terms of BTC and BCH, they are both Bitcoin in my mind.”

Bobby Lee continued by stating that he purchased his Bitcoin (BTC) before 2017, which was before the hard-fork, and he currently owns equal amounts of BTC and BCH.

Although the value of BCH cannot be compared with Bitcoin, Lee believes that it is way too early to sell BCH holdings. Similarly, he believes that it is too early to give up on Bitcoin.

Bobby Lee concluded by stating that he believes in many ways that Bitcoin Cash is a truer version of Satoshi’s whitepaper when compared with Bitcoin.

Bitcoin (BTC) vs Bitcoin Cash (BCH/BCC)

Since forked from the Bitcoin blockchain in 2016, supporters of Bitcoin Cash supporters have argued that BCH embodies Satoshi Nakamoto’s original vision for Bitcoin, while BTC has strayed from that.

Many are of the school of thought that although Bitcoin has grown to become the most valuable cryptocurrency, it has become a store of value that does not help the unbanked or people in downtrodden regions of the world.

Although BCH falls behind in price, many believe that the relatively cheaper transfer fees of Bitcoin Cash, better transaction times, make Bitcoin Cash better than Bitcoin.

The debate as to whether Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash is better will definitely continue to go on, however, it appears that Roger Ver has claimed a small victory by making Bobby Lee vote for BCH as the better ‘Bitcoin’.

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