Bitcoin Private (BTCP) Exerts Authority as the Top Privacy Coin


Utilizing the zk-SNARKs technology, Bitcoin Private (BTCP) is a cryptocurrency set out to provide optimum privacy and security as opposed to transparency.

Bitcoin private entered the market as a fork from ZClassic which itself was forked from Bitcoin, as a result, some analysts refer to the asset as a ‘fork of a fork of a fork’.

Bitcoin Private has been around for a little under three months, yet the digital asset has garnered a significant amount of interest in the cryptoverse as one of the most promising cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin Private got its most recent acknowledgment from technologist and founder of Ripple (XRP), John McAfee.

John McAfee has made a series of interesting and brow-raising predictions about Bitcoin Private. McAfee believes that the market will turn before June 12, and Bitcoin Private (BTCP) has a great chance of leading the bull charge. According to McAfee BTCP could hit $15,000 in June and surpass Bitcoin.

While the huge statements from John McAfee remain nothing but predictions, the immense potentials of the privacy coin cannot be overlooked. Bitcoin Private is already in the top 30 cryptocurrencies within three months of its launch, most likely not in the next two weeks like McAfee has stated, BTCP would one day hit the value he stated.

Current Market Status of Bitcoin Private (BTCP)

As the wave of recovery washed over the crypto market yesterday, Bitcoin Private (BTCP) outpaced just about every cryptocurrency in the market. Yesterday, BTCP was one of the top gainers with over 18%, which saw the asset hike from $23 to as high as $27.48 USD.

Entering today, the dramatic hike for BTCP has wand down and the asset is back in the red. BTCP is trading at $22.63 after losing value of up to 8.1% in the last 24 hours. Bitcoin Private has dropped four places and is now the 42nd largest cryptocurrency with an estimated market cap of $462.7 million USD.

Bitcoin Private (BTCP) Looking to Go Full Steam Ahead

The market situation has not stopped the Bitcoin Private contribution team from working towards improving the platform. According to the Bitcoin Private contribution team, work is currently ongoing for the Bitcoin Private Pay, and version 1.0 is expected to release very soon.

For those of you quite unfamiliar with Bitcoin Private, the Bitcoin Private Pay is a privacy-first (as always), multi-phase merchant platform. The Bitcoin Privacy pay will feature a highly scalable, user-friendly customer-facing products for real-world adoption.

According to the PR, a closed beta release has been carried out with a public discord server that hosted over 30 merchants, and the result was an outstanding success.

Bitcoin Private has promised that the Bitcoin Private Pay will roll out version 1 with more than 150 registered merchants who are ready to offer the Bitcoin Private Pay as a payment option to their customer.

The Bitcoin Private Pay upon a success full launch may just be the catalyst to propel Bitcoin private into the top cryptocurrency. John McAfee has already voiced his belief of the asset; the Bitcoin Private Pay may just be what it needs for actualization.

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