Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Shut Critics With Mass Adoption


Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has come under criticism over the last few days admits faltering prices and a ‘possible’ connection between CNBC and the Bitcoin Cash team. While inept critics of Bitcoin cash, may refer to the asset as a pump and dump, news and stats of Bitcoin Cash prove the opposite.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Gets Support from Revolut

The rampant market falter was not able to stop Bitcoin Cash from listing on Revolut. Revolut is a digital banking current account that allows users to hold, exchange and perform peer to peer payments. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Ripple (XRP) the latest additions to Revolut came from ‘overwhelming demand’ from its customers.

While cryptocurrency exchange was not part of Revolut Ltd.’s initial plan, the company is now embracing cryptocurrency as a means of payment, with Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and Ripple also available on the platform.

The use of cryptocurrency on Revolut is increasing rapidly, with more than 100,000 recorded cryptocurrency transactions recorded on the platform daily. Cryptocurrency transactions on Revolut are not feeless, there is a standing 1.5 percent fee for every transaction on the platform.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Joins the Luxury Crypto Service

The New York-based, White Company, the leading luxury cryptocurrency concierge service has announced that they now accept Bitcoin Cash (BCH). The White Company is famous for providing the super-rich crypto holders with access to luxury brands; ranging from artworks, watches, jewelry, clothing, and Lamborghinis too.

The White Company which previously accepted payments only in Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Litecoin (LTC), has dropped Litecoin to include Bitcoin Cash in recognition to the latter’s lower transaction fees, faster processing times and increasing usage of Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

The White Company is famous for only selling in cryptocurrency, making it a stand out among other companies. The onboarding of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) in the White Company’s list was made possible by CoinGeek, and goes on to prove the unique benefits of the digital asset.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Delves into the Aviation Industry

In recognition of the unique benefits of Bitcoin Cash, the digital asset has yet been added to another company’s list of payment option. CheapAir, the online travel agency based in California has announced that it now accepts Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and two other cryptocurrencies for flight and hotel bookings.

With the integration of cryptocurrencies, CheapAir has now become the first online travel agency to accept digital assets as a means of payment. Jeff Klee, the CEO of CheapAir stated in his PR that the integration Bitcoin cash and other cryptocurrencies as a payment option is a response to the demands of customers.

The widespread adoption of Bitcoin Cash is a testament of its unique features and an assurance of the future of the asset. BCH, just like 99.9% of the other assets in the cryptoverse is suffering from a turbulent month, as the bears continue to hit more often and radically.

As at the time of this writing, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is trading at $1,020.30 USD, its lowest recorded trade value in the last five weeks. Bitcoin Cash remains the fourth largest cryptocurrency with an estimated market cap of $17.5 billion USD.

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