Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Bans Lead Developer From Slack Community

In a shocking development, Bitcoin Cash has reportedly expelled its lead creator Amaury Séchet from the projects Slack community.


In a shocking development, Bitcoin Cash has reportedly expelled its lead creator Amaury Séchet from the projects Slack community.

Séchet’s dismissal

Séchet has been with Bitcoin Cash since the project began in 2013, with the title of the benevolent dictator for the project.

Amaury Séchet has been an important figure for Bitcoin Cash, and was instrumental in pushing for several changes such as the present Emergency Problem Adjustment solution.

The startling news of his dismissal was first reported by Roger Ver via a Reddit thread, a prominent Bitcoin Cash (BCH) promoter and activist.

According to Ver, the decision ensued after Amaury Séchet got involved in a dispute over his proposal to reduce transaction times on the network using the “pre-consensus” framework.

On August 7, 2018, the Bitcoin Cash community held a conversation in the projects Slack channel, where sources claim he was very vocal about his preference for the pre-consensus framework as a solution for better transaction time on the network.

His proposal was a framework that would function as an organized, settlement with block miners to reduce the speed of orphaned blocks.

This proposal was opposed by other members of the community, this apparently led to a heated conversation, eventually leading to Amaury’s expulsion from the group, possibly for bad conduct.

Divided community

The Reddit thread created by Roger Ver Reddit shows a screenshot of BCH Strategist Joel Dalais, who doubles as a BCH Slack moderator, answering a question from another Redditor about Séchet’s whereabouts

Joel Dalais revealed that he banned him for creating a “disturbance.” The thread has since gained traction from BCH enthusiasts, attracting more than 1000 comments in the process.

Since the news broke out, the Bitcoin Cash community has actively been divided into two factions, one in support of the decision, with the other half questioning the decision and calling for his reinstatement.

Since the news made way, one half of the BCH community have created posters on the Reddit thread stating that such actions are in conflict with Satoshi Nakamoto’s vision of what Bitcoin should be.

Many others have taken to the official Twitter handle of Bitcoin Cash to expresses their dissatisfaction with the decision to ban Amaury Séchet from the network’s Slack channel.

While some are calling for his return, other members of the community have taken the position that Séchet’s expulsion was in order.

On the same Reddit thread, a number of Redditors have referred to Séchet as being “toxic” and “attacking” other members on the Slack community.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) plummets further

This news comes at a very bad time for the Bitcoin Cash, the coin which has been rapidly losing value nosedives even further.

Over the last seven days, BCH has dropped more than 25% of its value, leaving the coin with a value of $552.13.

The current price of BCH has not been seen since October 31, 2017. The storm is far from over as BCH faces a 7.58% devaluation over the last 24 hours.

The current diving in the Bitcoin Cash community has to be sorted out as soon as possible to prevent the value of the coin from breaking lower support levels.

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