New Bitfury ASIC Chips Offer Unparalleled Efficiency In Bitcoin Mining 

Mining firm Bitfury Group has launched a new, next-generation mining chip that the company says is the most efficient to date for Bitcoin mining.


Mining firm Bitfury Group has launched a new, next-generation mining chip that the company says is the most efficient to date for Bitcoin mining.

Bitfury makes progress with new ASICs

The Bitfury Clarke is a bitcoin mining Application-specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) chip that is set to infuse competition within the mining industry.

The chip maker says that Clarke offers what no other chip can at the moment, with the most reliable performance and unmatched efficiency.

The new 14nm offering from Bitfury has been customized for the SHA256 mining algorithm and boasts a power efficiency rate that the firm says can be as low as 55 mW/GH while maintaining a hashrate that reaches up to 120 GH/s.

The chip will also require a voltage supply as low as 0.3 volts to power its8,154 hashing cores and boasts integrated controllable clocks and power-on-reset circuits.

The company’s CEO Valery Vavilov stated that BitFury considers all possible factors as they design and develop their mining hardware. These factors include silicon packaging, optimal power distribution, chip efficiency, cooling designs as well as the speed of development.

He also added that:

“We think that this will lead to solutions that deliver the best ROI [return-on-investment] to our customers — regardless of ASIC size.”

In the blog post, the company describes the ASIC as being able to switch between tasks quickly. It means that the chip can use one task buffer to perform SHA256 calculations, and the other part can be used to handle “task-write” commands.

While launching the new product, the company revealed that it would be integrating its flagship ASIC chip in its mining hardware. These will include its mining servers and at a host of mining centers around the world.

Bitfury currently has mining farms operating in countries like Canada, Norway, Iceland, and Georgia and will integrate the Clarke ASIC chip at these farms.

Bitfury has made significant strides within the mining hardware industry and is the first to release datasheets and reference designs for all of its chipsets.

A competitor for Bitmain

Bitmain still dominates the mining industry, but many of the smaller companies are looking to cut into that dominance. Due to that, Bitfury will offer “enterprise-grade professional customer support” to those seeking to utilize the new chip. It will also help in design consulting services to miners who wish to install the Clarke ASIC.

The Bitfury Clarke hits the market just weeks after the company reportedly used magic baths to aid in cooling mining rigs. The magic bath consists of immersing mining machines into Novec, a non-conductive liquid by 3M Co.

The initiative has helped reduce energy consumption, thereby lowering electricity costs by a considerable percentage. The company launched the new cooling solution in its mining farm in Georgia and has said that it reduces the floor space required to mine.

Bitfury was founded in 2011 and is a leading platform in the provision of security and infrastructure targeted towards the Bitcoin blockchain.

It has taken a central position in designing and producing innovative hardware like semiconductors and mobile data centers that help secure crypto and blockchain projects.

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