Minecraft Bitcoin Mining Is Done, What Happened To The Bitconomy?


For all those wondering how they can earn Bitcoin while playing Minecraft, the answer was PlayMC.

PlayMC was a server on the widely popular Minecraft that offered players the chance of turning their gameplay time in the world’s bestselling video game into a real mining operation.

PlayMC is no longer operational but perhaps it will make a comeback one day.

How Did PlayMC Work?

Everything in the game is made up of blocks. These blocks could either be moved or destroyed and placed to create anything in the imagination of the player. PlayMC was an open-minded game that allowed the highest degree of flexibility and imagination.

PlayMC featured Bitcoin as the in-game currency. It was referred to as ‘bits’, which is simply the smallest fraction of 1 bitcoin (BTC). Simply put, players earned Bitcoin (BTC)

Players earned bits by completing tasks or in-game challenges. PlayMC incentivized players with bits for the time they spent of Minecraft completing multiple tasks, challenges, tournaments, and reaching new levels.

The bigger the task completed, the more bits were rewarded to the player. Players could spend their bits or satoshis on in-game purchases such as classes, items and another kind of in-game purchase.

Additionally, the in-game currency (bits) could also be taken out of the game and used for payments and transactions.

PlayMC servers provided a simple and safe gaming environment for children as well as interested adults to enjoy their leisure time on Minecraft, and at the same time have the opportunity of earning their own money.

PlayMC was available on single player mode and on multi-player which connects multiple players to interact and build together.

How Did PlayMC’s Bitconomy Work?

PlayMC during its operational time had servers that change the main Mine Craft games into smaller games. Here, multiple platers for each round.

Each game had its unique tasks and objectives when completed, players were awarded their bits.

With the PlayMC plugin, players could select the mini-games they wanted to play. Bitconomy is PlayMC’s method of incentivizing tasks completed within the game’s ecosystem for better gaming experiences.

Bits were given to players based on kills, winning or ranking tops in a tournament, completing power-up levels and the likes.

Although a gaming platform that gave incentives to its players in for of bits, one of the major objectives of the Bitconomy was aimed at educating children of the younger generation how digital currencies work, and how they would affect the future.

What Happened to PlayMC and the Bitconomy?

Adopting a best-selling video game for its function made PlayMC very popular, especially among the younger population.

The game enjoyed early success but was ended and the website closed on June 30, 2017. Although PlayMC was shut down in 2017, the Bitconomy never ended.

The company behind PlayMC launched another game like PlayMC as it was shut down. The Bitconomy continues WaveFighter; the game created by PlayMC, and it runs on the same servers that PlayMC had previously used for its Bitconomy.

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