Lightning Labs Releases New And Improved Desktop Client

Lightning labs have released a new desktop app, with the new alpha version including a redesigned and optimized backend for light clients.


Lightning Labs has released a new desktop app, with the new alpha version including a redesigned and optimized backend for light clients.

The core functionality of Lightning to be exposed

Lead app developer at Lightning Labs Tankred Hase stated that the current design of the app is a prototype design that was implemented before he joined the company in January and was never intended to serve as a final working product.

Hase explained the main aim of this new app is to expand the core functionality of Lightning and cater the design to the average user, following rigorous testing. 

This enabled them to confirm some core theories and also get reviews from their users, including both new and experienced Bitcoin holders.

The development team stated that the redesigned app is able to run as a standalone wallet in light client mode on both desktop and mobile, as well as making it possible for users to run their own full nodes.

The redesigned desktop app comes with a minimal design which conveys a sense of approachability, with high-security standards still being maintained in the background.

The team emphasized the valuable learning experience in making Lightning more accessible to new users as that would help push the technology past the experienced and enthusiastic market segment.

The team further explained that using simple English provides for an improved user experience over jargon-laden and technical phrasing, as the added clarity would mean users are able to process information faster and easier.

In addition to that, various color and contrast shifts were implemented in the app to help users comb through the wide array of information available.

Payment also made easier

Making a payment on the app has also been simplified. All a user needs to do is to paste a bitcoin address or a Lightning invoice into the payment screen. The next steps will be taken automatically by the app until the transaction is completed.

Hase explained that the team is working on making the payment route even more reliable, promising to ensure that it becomes a success but declining on providing a timeline.

He is hopeful that once that issue is solved, the other technical issues faced by users will disappear as time goes on, paving the way for newcomers and non-technical users who will be able to use the app seamlessly.

These moves will go a long way in making Bitcoin and Lightning more accessible.

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