Best Coins To Buy Now: Bitcoin Diamond (BCD), Hello Gold (HGT)


If you are after a good coin for investment, then the current market offers some exciting options. There are several coins on the market that are hot this week. However, Bitcoin Diamond (BCD) and Hello Gold (HGT) are two of them that stand out at the moment.

Bitcoin Diamond

Bitcoin Diamond (BCD) is a fork of Bitcoin that occurred in 2017 at block height 495866.whenBitcoin DIamond forked off BTC, many questioned its viability. It was labeled as a scam. However, the coin that has set its maximum coin supply at 210 million is a hot investment opportunity.

The team behind BCD wanted to bring privacy, speed, and quick adoption by the community.

What’s Lifting BCD?

The fast-rising crypto has a market cap of $373 million against a circulating supply of 152953625 BCD and a maximum supply of 210 million. It’s currently ranked 32nd, making this mineable coin a great candidate for further growth.

Bitcoin Diamond was first traded on 24th November 2017 and has suffered market declines just like other cryptos. By then the coin traded at $69.30. It then slumped to an all-time low of $1.97. The coin flatlined for a while, between mid-March and the end of the month, before this week’s uptrend kicked in.

Today, the currency traded at $2.59, up 23.08% and 25.91% against USD and BTC respectively.

This huge spike in the last 24 hours puts the coin among the best movers. As noted, the 24h change sees its volume rise to $7,116,920. A look at the coin’s historical data reveals that it has tanked massively since the beginning of 2018. But now the coin has a double-digit price surge suggesting the next two weeks could see it go to over $2.50.

Hello Gold

Hello Gold (HGT) is a Malaysia- based crypto startup that was founded in 2015. It is the first ever Shariah-compliant crypto that focuses on changing the way we acquire gold. The hello Gold Foundation was created with the aim of providing a platform from which the unbanked can save, get collateral for loans and transfer value by accessing money remittance services.

The HGT coin is the hottest on the market at the moment. Today’s price movement shows the coin surging by a massive 120.6% against the USD and 119% against bitcoin.

In the hourly charts, HGT is among only a handful of coins in the green. It has been surging in value with figures ranging from 1.65% to 178%. On the 7-day charts, the coin has gained a massive 133%.

It’s amazing that the coin had a mere$ 8.7 million n market cap just a few weeks ago. Today’s market cap is at over $263 million. This has led to the coin rising along the charts to be ranked 289th. And all indications are that it will rise further, as more people get to join its noble venture.

Why is it rising?

The crypto is confounding skepticism to lead the way in digital gold assets. The launch of a program in Malaysia that sees users earn gold rewards for recycled plastic is a booming chance for more adoption.

However, today’s huge price jump has to do with yesterday’s announcement of a reward for holders and early supporters of the token. The HGT foundation is holding a coin burn that sees them burn 10million HGT for every milestone reached.

The milestones involve the volume of Assets under Management (AUM) and the number of customers joining the project.

These two have the potential to see the token appreciate by huge spikes in the next few days as value rises with a decrease in circulating supply, but an increase in demand.

The expected mini-rally between now and mid-April is likely to see the coin surge further as we approach the US tax day. There is also a possibility of there being a huge coin pump of the crypto as the holders of the crypto look to cash in for money.

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