Best Coins To Buy In 2018: (XLM, MIOTA, NEO, EOS, VEN)


Most of the cryptocurrencies on the market are readying themselves for the next phase of growth after a month or so of negativity. For most investors, it’s that moment to identify the next gem.

While the top three sometimes offer tantalizing prospects, we believe the next big thing lies out there among the numerous altcoins. Here we sample five coins that, due to their potential, are worth keeping an eye on in 2018.

Stellar (XLM)

If there is any altcoin out there you should keep your tabs on, then Stellar should be it. The way the crypto has positioned its platform in the crowded market makes it a favorite of many experts for future success. As far as using blockchain’s decentralized approach to cross-border transactions goes, no start-up does it better than Stellar.

Led by a visionary Jed McCaleb, the platform provides for a faster, easier, and cheaper way for any individual or institution to develop customized financial applications. Earlier in the year, MAD Network chose stellar over Ethereum, citing numerous reasons. Chief among them was that the Stellar Consensus Protocol (SCP) makes it the most decentralized platform.

It means the project is fully open-source and anyone can freely utilize it to develop their own dApps. With a multi-talented team of developers, the Stellar network has the future in sight. Today XLM coin trades at $0.20, but could easily go beyond $1 in 2018.


The IOTA cryptocurrency is ranked 11th by market capitalization. In terms of price movement, MIOTA is one of the coins that display relative growth patterns without major downswings. The attractive thing about IOTA is its march towards a wider adoption. The possibility that its product will hit mainstream use keeps growing every other day. For an investor, assurance that a product has an uptrend is good enough for it to be considered as an investment opportunity.

This crypto’s major boost is its hold on the IoT and Machine-to-Machine (M2M). The world is looking towards that direction, putting MIOTA in prime position as the token to fuel that economy. The target is to use the Tangle to revolutionize and transform the world’s finance, education, production, and consumption systems using its technology.

With partnerships in place with giants like Bosch, VW, and ITIC, one can only believe that the best value for MIOTA is in the future. The current value of $0.97 is low to suggest a spike towards another All-time high is possible.


NEO is a blockchain platform aiming to transform cryptocurrency via its decentralized applications and smart contracts system. The NEO project is an appealing prospect due to its unique position of wanting to be the alternative to Ethereum. It is currently one of the most promising projects due to its influence in China.

By being able to provide a platform similar to Ethereum’s but with a better infrastructure, this coin is set to grow massively. Additionally, the platform makes it easy for developers to create dApps and smart contracts using Java. It means it will attract many projects which can only be good for its value.

Apart from the value of its token gaining to earn you profits, you can also hold the tokens on Binance to earn monthly rewards in form of GAS, the token that fuels the NEO ecosystem. At the moment, NEO trades around $47, the highest priced coin on this list, but not too bad for a beginner investor.


EOS is a blockchain-based platform that aims at providing developers with the best tools for building decentralized applications. The ease of use makes EOS an attractive platform for many of the developers who may find other platforms a bit strenuous. To code on the EOS platform doesn’t require devs to learn a new language like Solidity, thus being seen as user-friendly.

Perhaps what may make this crypto gain faster traction is its “best of both” Ethereum and Bitcoin tag.   It’s a highly scalable platform, and transactions are faster and cheaper. The platform also diversifies by providing cloud storage and server hosting.  If you are looking for a coin to add to your portfolio, then EOS’ price movement indicates its one to watch in 2018. The coin currently trades little over $6.

VeChain (VEN)

VeChain (VEN), a blockchain-based cryptocurrency, is modeled as a Blockchain-as-a-Service platform. Their main goal is to transform the way the world’s supply and management chain works. It entails providing the infrastructure that makes tracking goods a faster, transparent and tamper-proof process.

We chose VeChain due to its rapidly expanding reach in the supply chain business. It’s one of the biggest ideas in cryptocurrency, and which promises to become even greater in the future. The VEN community also participated in the Xnode initiative that is set to earn huge rewards to investors. Apart from this, there’s a genuine feeling that VeChain will penetrate the market with the coming on board of several partnerships like BMW, LogSafer and so on.

If the company manages to consolidate all major players into using its platform along supply chain and management of logistics, then VEN could be headed for a brighter future. VEN currently trades at $2.4 against the US dollar, low enough for any would-be investor.

Have a closer look at the above projects; the value of their native coins is predicted to grow enormously in 2018 and beyond.

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