Augur (REP) Hosts The Most Ridiculous Prediction Markets


The prediction market Augur has received a lot of traction over the past few months. It is an Ethereum-based platform that allows users to bet on the outcome of real-world events using the Augur REP token.

The platform is looking to become a repository of crowd-sourced knowledge for journalists, investors, and policymakers while also aiming to serve as an effective tool for betting against adverse outcomes.

Is Augur simply becoming a trolling platform?

Augur’s prediction market has also turned into a hilarious place to troll. Augur was developed by the non-profit Forecast Foundation and funded with one of the world’s first token sales in 2015.

The prediction markets on Augur so far has been dealing with vanilla topics such as the outcome of sporting events and predicting the prices of cryptocurrencies. Some markets, however, deal with more serious issues that could only exist on a decentralized platform.

Markets emerged where the probability of prominent figures being assassinated or of terrorist attack and mass shooting will occur where discussed.

Some market talked about weird and goody stuff. They discussed the cryptocurrency community’s peculiar obsessions, wild rumors and the sorts of riddles a bridge troll might ask before allowing a user to pass.

The discussion of weird topics on the platform has been on the rise and here are a few of the weirdest topics discussed on Augur at the moment.

Vitalik’s girlfriend

Vitalik Buterin is perhaps the second most important name in the crypto space after Bitcoin founder Satoshi Nakamoto. Buterin who is the creator of ethereum, the world’s second-most valuable blockchain is a 24-year old that has been in the spotlight over the past few years.

Does he have a girlfriend though? And if not now, when?

These are some of the questions that some cryptocurrency enthusiasts have been asking and it has warranted an article written about it. The article has been viewed over 18,000 times.

Well, there is an Augur prediction market opened for that too. According to the terms of the market, Buterin will have to confirm the relationship himself and the couple must have been together for at least a day.

Just like other markets on Augur, no one has bet on this prediction yet as at the time of writing this report.

Anyone up there?

This is another weird topic discussed on Augur. Even though the platform is based on verifiable events since it doesn’t have moderators, topics like “Is there a superior power” still come up.

The creators of this market are in no hurry to know if God exists as the market is set to expire at the beginning of 2020. Those that created the market only gave God a 10% chance of existence. Just like the market explained above, no one has bet on this market yet.

SAFU or not SAFU

Users of the platform have always taken the opportunity to talk about their particular flavor of memes.

The market titled “FUNDS ARE SAFU?” talks about a bizarre but somehow popular YouTube video of Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao (“CZ”). The video is essentially about Binance being unhackable.

The market details don’t come off as a meme though. The creators posted a question about whether Binance will be hacked. They wrote:

Will the security of be negatively affected such that there is a newsworthy loss of money?

However, no bet was placed until the market expired.

Does not compute

Amongst the weirdest topics discussed on this platform, this one competes for the best. The topic stems from the restatement of the liar paradox – the sort of query one might use to incapacitate a murderous supercomputer.

For those that don’t know, the statement “this sentence is false” is a paradox itself. If the statement is, in fact, false, that implies that it checks out, so it is true. If the statement is however true, true – by being false – then it violates its own premise of being false.

This paradox first came into the fray back in the fourth century BCE and is categorized as one of humanity’s longest-running time wasters. The creator of the market decided to make Predictions. Global the point of reference for this market. This site scrapes data from Augur.

The pee tape

One debate in 2016’s election that has come up strange to virtually everyone is the accusation that Russian authorities possess compromising material on U.S. president Donald Trump.

The existence of this incrementing material came from a collection of materials prepared by a former British intelligence officer working for the Democrats. It is regarded as the “pee tape” due to its alleged content.

The existence of such a document has been proven yet.

A look at the Augur market on this topic, there is one in four chances that such a tape will spring up before the end of Trump’s first tenure in office.

The market has a low betting volume, at the equivalent of less than $60

McAfee’s bold prediction

Something that finally has to do with price predictions. Even though the market is made up of mostly cryptocurrency price predictions, none of them have made it to the list of weird topics save this one.

John McAfee has predicted that the Bitcoin price will surpass the $1 million mark before 2020. The fact that the market creator tagged “McAfee” in the title means there is more to the prediction.

McAfee has been very active on Twitter about cryptocurrencies. At the top of his prediction list is the one he made late last year where he predicted that bitcoin would hit $1 million. He had promised to eat his own dick on national TV if he proved incorrect.

It will be interesting to see how that plays out in the end.

Augur (REP) token sale

The token sale for the platform occurred even before the crypto community decided to use the terms initial coin offering, or ICO, to refer to these types of crypto fundraising schemes.

The Augur project recorded a big ICO success in beta version as the developers were testing and ensuring that it is all good. The launch of the platform was one of the most hotly-anticipated launches in crypto history.

When the prediction market was launched on Ethereum’s network last month, it surged past CryptoKitties briefly which was considered the most famous DApp in terms of users. The attraction for the platform has dipped significantly since then.

Augur (REP) Hosts The Most Ridiculous Prediction Markets

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