Ark (ARK) Update: Core v2 Release


The Ark core v.2 also known as DevNet v.2 is to prepare the way for Ark’s MainNet which is expected to be released sometime in 2018 as Ark Gives no Dates.

The DevNet 2 which has been in the works for over seven months has finally been released by Ark, and the signs are already promising.  One unique thing to note about Ark Core v.2 is its completely new codes.

Developers at Ark painstakingly wrote the line of codes for DevNet 2 from scratch in a bid to pursue faster transaction outputs, better scalability, enable multiple payments, and prepare the way for Smart contracts which is expected to be deployed with the much anticipated Ark MainNet when it launches.

Ark has marked a new milestone with the Ark core v.2. The ARK Core v.2 (currently housing over 74,500 lines of code) is only available on Ark’s public repository on GitHub, where the Ark development team and the community developers are currently reviewing the recently released core v.2 for bugs and wrong codebases.

Click here to install ARK’s DevNet, Ark development team has warned that users not to run the DevNet on the Ark MainNet until the core v.2 is released for mainstream usage.

The Ark core v.2 will see more developers build on the ecosystem and drive Ark’s growth in the future when it is released for public use.

More Ark (ARK) Updates Incoming!

Ark enthusiasts are still to recover from the euphoria that came with the recently released core v.2, but the Ark development crew is preparing another update in the coming days. Ark has announced the release of a newer version of the Ark Desktop wallet.

The desktop wallet update is not the much anticipated ARK Desktop v.2 but ARK Desktop Wallet 1.6. While some community members may feel let down by the Ark’s decision to hold on to the v.2 a little longer, the Desktop Wallet 1.6 will not disappoint.

Ark development team has revealed that the Desktop Wallet 1.6 will feature the dynamic fees set on the DevNet network with a string of other new features. This means that developers and users will be able to test the app update.

No release date was announced for the desktop wallet 1.6, a norm for Ark in line with the “Ark Gives no Dates” slogan.

Price and Market Status of Ark (ARK)

The rough run continues for the crypto market, which has settled below $300 billion USD. Today is another gloomy day for crypto holders and traders, as Ark along with over 70% of the entire crypto market (1994 digital assets) opened for trade in the red zone.

The release of Ark core v2 briefly saw the hike by over 10%, however, those values have flattened out.

As at the time of this writing, Ark (ARK) is trading at $1.61 after dropping by 5% over the last 24 hours. Ark’s current market capitalization of $170.46 million USD makes it the 65th largest cryptocurrency.

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