Ardor (ARDR) Quietly Making Progress in 2018


In the digital currency market, there are many projects which try to bring something new to the cryptocurrency market. Ardor (ARDR) is one of the digital currencies in the market that strives to bring a new phase in the blockchain technology used in business platforms.

It first places itself as a digital coin that uses scalable blockchain to provide service for businesses. It just recently released the v2.0.14 that include bug fixes and enhancements.

Last week, a platform offering wallets for third-party updated the wallets used in ARDR, therefore allowing users to have entry to their ARDR wallets. The coin also had some great news from the exchanges’ market.

The news is that Bittrex used the Ardor (ARDR)’s zero fee transaction solution to open up trading for IGNIS. Users in the Euro Zone will also benefit through the use of the Ardorgate service that continues to streamline and improve their entire service.


There is an increase in the approved events in the Ardor’s ecosystem. The platform created a calendar, sorted and emphasized all the vital meetups. The meetups would offer you a significant deal of meeting the passionate people with interests in the blockchain ecosystem.

There are several meetups arranged by the platform to discuss the future of blockchain. One of the meetups is scheduled to happen in Barcelona. The event would take advantage of the mobile world congress days and hence feature top speakers in blockchain, banking, and consumer goods executives.

The event would lay out plans on the application of technologies based in blockchain to different models of businesses. Another meetup is also scheduled in 1st March in Madrid, Spain. The meetup would also address the use of blockchain in businesses.

Upgrading Ardor’s exchange feature

The platform improved their exchange product to enable users to use a GUI-change. Upgrading their exchange product would provide a suitable stage for refurbishing the experience of the p2p coin exchange. In improving the client feature, the coin improved the general design by summing up the purchase orders side to the coin exchange.

The usual message received by clients referred to as ‘not enough funds’ is as well improved to display the current amount of funds in the user’s account. The coin also renovated the coin exchange rate by offering an exemplary tool. The tool boosts the functionality of Ardor (ARDR) keeping it continuously growing by seconding the rate of exchange of the coin across the child chain system.


The blockchain currency improved the stability of the network. With the latest upgrade, the coin is able to rise against other digital coins in the market. It is because it offers developers with an excellent platform for developing their key features on the coin’s channel.

The refurbishment of their child chain system continues to function perfectly and as a matter of fact, they are planning to release minor updates with some improvements of usability and bug fixes.

Ardor (ARDR) is also making excellent progress in their client support system which is in full integration with the customer relationship management system. There is also the creation of a new Korean channel. The channel would offer a vital stage for increasing the awareness of the coin to readers in Korea.

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