Apple Pay And Nano (NANO) Would Be A Match Made In Crypto-Heaven


The tide for mobile phone payment solutions is at its peak with Android Pay re-branding to a better, new and improved Google Pay. It is such actions by the competition of Apple, that it might be time for Apple Pay to jump right into the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies by collaborating with the team behind NANO (NANO).

The time is ripe for mainstream payment solutions to embrace cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

The key selling point for Apply Pay is the tokenization specification that keeps the customer payment information private from the retailer by replacing the customer’s credit or debit card Primary Account Number (PAN) with a tokenized Device Account Number (DAN). Apple Pay then creates a dynamic security code for each transaction.

From where I stand, this sounds so familiar. Yes! Cryptography! What Apple Pay does is encryption and what better solution out there is greater than blockchain? None!

This is where Nano (NANO) fits right in. The Nano platform is a low-latency payment platform that requires minimal resources. This makes it ideal for peer-to-peer transactions. To add to the above, the transactions are fast, with zero fees and scalable to over 1,000 times more transactions per second than Bitcoin.

The added advantage of Nano is that each account has its own blockchain as part of a larger directed acyclic graph. Therefore each user provides computational power for the verification of their own transactions. The whole blockchain network is not affected in the transaction.

The beauty of the NANO blockchain is that all coins have been mined from the get-go. What is need is the running of nodes for the blockchain network.

The Apple iPhones can serve as nodes and create one of the biggest blockchain network ever seen in the market. On top of that, regular Mac desktops and laptops can add as additional nodes for the users.

Another advantage is that the NANO for Mac and iOS is already up and running. What is left is the integration of the Apple Pay system.

With such a partnership between Apple Pay and Nano (XRB), the price of the coin is bound to explode into the stratosphere. We all know that whatever the Apple Company touches, turns to gold in a sense that its value instantly shoots up.

This fact can be attributed to the late founder’s attention to detail into every product and enriching the customer experience. Steve Jobs was truly in a class of his own when it came to product development.

Nano (NANO) is currently trading at $8.53 and with an Apple partnership, this value will easily do $500 in a matter of hours catapulting Nano to position 3 on with a market capitalization of $66.6 Billion.

In summary, it is high time mobile payment providers such as Apple Pay start considering partnerships with cryptocurrency teams such as the ones behind Nano (NANO).

With the world of payment settlement evolving and with coins such as Ripple (XRP) leading the way, it is only a matter of time before blockchain becomes the standard for all payment settlements across the globe.

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