An In-depth Look At Why To Still Buy EOS (EOS), Nano (NANO) And Ethereum (ETH)


All major cryptocurrencies are trading in the red today. EOS (EOS), Nano (NANO) and Ethereum (ETH) haven’t been spared the decline and it could get worse if recent development pointing to the possibility of regulators classifying some coins as securities persist.

While it is believed that we are not in a bubble, the momentum that materialized in early May has disappeared and coins could rest new lows soon. But as an investor, other than the belief that the market will recover from this minor retracement, what would you look at and decide to buy any of these 3 coins?

Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum possibly has some of the most respected minds in crypto, especially with Vitalik Buterin. They also have one of the largest developer teams; they are what could make Ethereum continue to dominate the space.

From a tech point of view, EOS and Ethereum are probably going to be fierce competitors. Therefore, buying either as an investment will likely be as rewarding depending on how respective platforms develop.

The Ethereum blockchain has been the top platform for dApps and smart contracts deployment, seeing massive growth as a result. However, problems with scalability and high fees mean alternative platforms could get a competitive edge. The Ethereum development team must be aware of such a possibility and has thus been working on various improvements to the network.

There are massive developments in the pipeline, including concepts like Sharding, Lightening network, and Casper. All are meant to keep Ethereum on top. Demand for the Ethereum technology is set to persist, especially with more adoption of blockchain technology and familiarity with its Solidity language making dApps development much easier.

I see Ethereum becoming more scalable in the future and any negative impact from the SEC verdict may not be completely devastating. Buying and having a long-term strategy is better if you are to invest in ETH.


EOS, with the software giant’s steering development pose a real threat to Ethereum. The EOS team says on their website that “ has committed to investing over $1B into funds focused on the growth of the EOS ecosystem”

Such commitment from a respected company like can’t be gainsaid.

Another factor that makes EOS a sure bet for the future is the team, led by Dan Larimer, Brendan Blumer, and Brock Pierce. These are all successful and experienced minds in the blockchain and crypto industry. You’ll agree that having and the above team has a lot to say about what the platform they are building will be capable of.

Yet, maybe the best reason as to why you should buy EOS tokens now relates to the potential returns. The launch of the EOSIO will herald a chapter of sustained growth with an influx of applications and blockchain being developed on the platform. Add the various airdrops and daily auctions and what you see is a coin that will go wild should the market sentiment recover.

Nano (NANO)

The Nano team seems to be focusing on making it the best p2p payment currency for micropayments. In this regard, they have an advantage over many other such coins and projects. The only coin that may pose a serious threat to Nano would be Litecoin (LTC). However, Nano has one major factor that relegates LTC.

Many people point out that Nano should be supported because it’s green. It’s not disagreeable, but what gives it headway are its instant and feeless transactions. By being highly scalable, NANO is really a coin just waiting to be adapted to a global scale and boom!

It seems to be picking up though, NANO being one of the few coins with a working product. To this end, an incredible increase in the number of merchants, vendors and POS implementations, is already pointing to increased use of the coin.

One of the great things about the Nano project is the team and how dedicated they are to the project. Their recent roadmap was praised for being focused on making the platform realize that one goal of becoming the currency for everyday use. If coins like LTC fail to make the cut in speed and fees, a majority of businesses could turn to NANO. Buying the coin now, therefore, makes sense as a long-term prospect.

Conclusion: It’s not easy to predict exactly what a coin is going to be worth in the future, but it can be said that these three projects have what it takes to be profitable investments.

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