AdToken (ADT): An Ethereum Based Advertisement Phenom


Even for crypto lovers the name AdToken (ADT) may still sound unfamiliar. AdToken leverages the Ethereum blockchain, however, it is focused on providing solutions for frauds plaguing digital advertising.

What is AdToken (ADT)?

AdToken is an ERC20 token created on the Ethereum blockchain for use in the adChain registry app. ADT is a true utility token; without it, the adChain registry would be rendered inoperable. ADT is more of a protocol token than an app coin.

What is the adChain Registry?

The adChain Registry is a public decentralized whitelist of online publisher websites aimed at helping the advertisement industry solve its fraud problems. The adChain register makes use of the token; ADT.

How does it Solve the Problem of Fraud in the Advertisement Industry?

Publishers who wish to join the adChain registry submit a proposal (with deposits of AdToken). A challenging period begins after that. If no other publisher challenges the publisher for fraud, the new publisher is accepted and his token is returned.

If the publisher gets challenged by another for fraud, a head-head voting is conducted between the Publisher and the challenger by ADT holders; 1 ADT = 1 Vote. The winner of the vote gets their deposit ADT returned with a fraction of the loser.

How is AdToken Performing?

Despite the storm that hit cryptocurrencies of late, AdToken (ADT) has been on the upside. The ADT is ranked 180 as at today (due to its market capitalization of $107.8 million), but that has not limited the successes it has been recording of recent. About a week ago, the ADT was trading at $0.1, it is now trading at highs of up to $0.25.

What is Behind the Success of AdToken (ADT)?

The recent success of the ADT is one that is scarce in the crypto market today. The seemingly under the radar success of this highly promising token can be tied to its Ad_Chain projects.

Ethereum recently listed the Ads.txt Plus on its State of Decentralized applications, its recent success can be greatly (not entirely) hinged on this.

A lot has been happening in and around the AdToken that it has become difficult to keep track of. AdToken announced last week its decision to join Linux Foundation’s open source project; the Hyperledger.

AdToken has been strategically targeted towards digital advertisement and dApps. adChain is also involved in innovations of crypto-economic incentive games.

Predictions for AdToken?

This may just be the start of AdToken’s growth. The token has been around for just six months and it has recorded more growth than most other coins in the market. Companies cannot do without advertising, as more companies turn to digital advertising, AdToken would undoubtedly experience even bigger growth.

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