$70,000 Raised So Far In Campaign To Find The “Real” Satoshi


Since the creation of Bitcoin over a decade ago, the identity of the creator, Satoshi Nakamoto has been discussed in virtually all parts of the world.

No one knows whether it is a single person or a group of developed with that pseudo name.

Most people in the crypto sphere have already accepted that Satoshi is a legend, after disappearing into the shadows following the magnificent development of Bitcoin.

There are others however who continue to seek to find out who he, she, or they are.

The Satoshi mystery

Satoshi first came into the limelight in 2008 following the global financial crisis that year. He posted the original Bitcoin whitepaper onto a cryptography forum. The Bitcoin network was launched and Satoshi became the first of the cryptocurrency since then.

There have been some suggestions over the years but no one really knew who he was and what he had done with the bitcoin he had mined.

There had been claims that it was Craig Wright, an Australian coder who has claimed to be Nakamoto. Some believe that Satoshi is a group of like-minded individuals, set on making an impact through a new, decentralized system.

Previous reports have claimed that some people now believe that some government agencies know who Satoshi is. They have access to tools and tactics which will make it very easy for them to find the yet unidentified individual.

FindSatoshi determined to find the real Satoshi

If the government knows the real identity of Satoshi, then they are definitely keeping it a secret. However, there are some who have decided to embark on a campaign to find the father of Bitcoin.

A group of individuals collaborated together via #findsatoshi hashtag, recently launched an “International Search For Bitcoin Creator Satoshi Nakamoto” campaign on Russian crowdfunder BoomStarter.

This campaign is headed by German Neff and is looking to raise more than 15 million Russian Rubles or $200,000 in the equivalent USD value. The funds from the crowdfunding will be used in tracking the identity of the real Satoshi.

In a statement, Neff wrote:

It’s about time we found Satoshi Nakamoto…The appearance of Bitcoin is widely compared to a supernova explosion. And after one has happened, some uncertainty started to take place… Satoshi needs to be found. And it is not just a trite curiosity. Now the market is on a fragile balance; for the further development of cryptocurrency, we need to know who created crypto and why.

Explaining further, Neff talked about how the group would hire the services of independent detective agencies in the U.S., Japan, and Europe to find Satoshi.

In addition to that, they would bring onboard specialists in linguistics, IT, and others who held specific professional capacities to help in this search.

$70,000 raised so far

Since it started, the campaign has garnered 31% of its required funds which amounts to $70,000. No one knows who is behind the funds raised so far but it is interesting to know that people are still interested in knowing who Satoshi is.

Neff believes that the group has the right to know the true identity of one of the greatest innovations of our time.

Some people are of the view that Satoshi could either be dead, captured by the government, or hidden in a place so secret that no one would have any clue where to find him. There are others who are staying away completely from the search.

They believe finding him essentially undermines the very nature of decentralization and pseudonymity itself.

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