3 Successful ICOs Worth Your Attention: Crypterium (CRPT), ZILLIQA (ZIL), Bluzelle (BLZ)


Over the years, the cryptocurrency world has seen tremendous ups and downs. However, even with the mixed reactions from the public and reports of scams, there have been some pretty great developments in the crypto world.

For instance, the whole industry has transformed in a matter of years from a Bitcoin-driven ecosystem into a collection of diverse and revolutionary technologies and currencies.

Granted, Bitcoin is still the biggest cryptocurrency and boasts of introducing the Blockchain concept but there has been a great deal of attention to this new industry such that now startups are coming up with fresh new ideas that improve on what Satoshi Nakamoto started.

We looked up three upcoming cryptocurrency projects that just ended with a successful ICO and more interesting developments to come. Check them out.

Crypterium (CRPT): A banking platform for the crypto world

Crypterium hopes to be the cryptobank for the world of cryptocurrency with the hope of tapping into a market whose value it Crypterium claims to be a whopping 10 trillion dollars.

How does Crypterium plan to achieve this? Well, apart from boasting of being among the top 50 most promising fintech entities according to Financial IT, Crypterium plans to offer instant mobile payments in cryptocurrency, Blockchain based loans anywhere around the globe and an open API platform for easy third-party integration.

Basically, this Blockchain platform will provide you with all banking services right at your fingertips.

Crypterium ICO details

Crypterium’s ICO started on 31st October 2017 and ended on 6th January 2018. According to icodrop, the ICO event received medium interest from investors but achieved its Hardcap target of 47 million going as far as raising 51.6 million. The CRPT token that was on sale was priced at $2.07 per token.

ZILLIQA (ZIL): The Blockchain scalability solution

The issues of scalability of most, if not all, Blockchain platforms are certainly not new. Numerous solutions have been proposed but most of them only focus on off chain or side chain channels instead of addressing the problem of scalability on the Blockchain itself.

This is where Ziliqa comes into play. Basically, it’s a Blockchain platform that intends to scale transaction rates. It uses a processing power called “sharding” that has the potential for parallel processing to churn out thousands of transaction per second while making the process much faster and cheaper than existing solutions.

ZILLIQA ICO details:

Currently, Ziliqa’s ICO and crowd sale has ended. It was however underway from December 27, 2017 to January 4, 2018.  According to icodrops.com (a site for analysis of ICO performance), the ICO by Ziliqa was received with high interest from the public.

One ZIL token was priced at 0.0099 USD and the project’s goal of raising 2 million was achieved 100 percent.

Bluzelle (BLZ): The decentralized database of the future

Bluzelle boasts of being the on-demand scalable database service for decentralized applications (dAPPs). It completes Blockchain solutions such as Ethereum and takes the process full circle with more efficient enterprise-grade database services for dApps. How does it do this? Well, it enables people to rent out computer storage space and get rewarded with a token. In return, dApp developers pay for storage services more efficiently.

Bluzelle ICO details

Just like Zaliqa, Bluzelle’s ICO showed much interest from investors according to icodrops.com. The BLZ token was priced at 0.12 USD and the goal to raise 19.5 million was accomplished 100 percent. The ICO was underway from January 18th to January 20th.

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