3 Coins With Mainnet Launch In April And Could Be Big in 2018 – aelf (ELF), Skycoin (SKY), Golem (GNT)


While most of the top coins in the market stagger as sentiment remains in the red over the week, a few coins and tokens are simply refusing to toe the line. Most of these less-known cryptocurrency projects are showing improved gains with consistent double figures.

Of the few to show real effort towards a major surge, three out of the top 50 stand out. These coins are Skycoin (SKY), Golem (GNT), and aelf (ELF).

aelf (ELF)

aelf (ELF) is the biggest gainer of the three over the 24 hour and  7-day periods, notching an impressive 31.64%  in the intraday charts and 37.31 in the weekly charts. Its current price is $0.7699 and it’s likely the token will continue to rise. If it does, it could eventually top the $1 mark before mid-April. On coinmarketcap.com, it’s ranked a modest 62nd with a market cap of $192,374,750. ELF has a daily trading volume of $59,445,600 against a circulating volume of 25o million ELF.

aelf mainnet soon!

Aelf is a blockchain-based platform that is seeking to transform the cloud computing networks in the cryptocurrency industry.

There’s speculation that the crypto will be launching its mainnet sometime this year. As usual, this is cause for excitement for the cryptocurrency community. The COO, Zhuling Chen, spoke on TV in Korea and indicated that the startup would be undertaking several things in preparation for the mainnet. These include finalizing and fine-tuning details on mining nodes and working on issues of cross-node communication.

The talk of a mainnet comes a few days after the crypto launched its testnet on March 31, 2018. Another aspect of the token system that may have pulled in a few more users is its Candy System competition that closed today. The team is expected to award 100 winners for publishing photos on a registered Twitter account.

Skycoin (SKY)

The SKY coin also made huge gains in the 24hour and 7-day trading periods, posting encouraging double-digit gains. The coin is currently ranked 87th on coinmarketcap.com.

Trading at a rising price of $15.68, the crypto that boasts former Bitcoin and Ethereum team members among its developers, surged 15.15% over the 24 hour period and 16.49% over the 7-day period.

Skycoin has a market cap of $122,096,617. Its daily trading volume on April 10, 2018, stood at $1,169,400 against a circulating supply of 25 million SKY coins and a maximum supply of 100 million SKY.

Skycoin better than Bitcoin and Ethereum!

This is the most established project of the three. Its aim is to create a platform that avoids the many flaws bedeviling the top cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and Ethereum.

While in Shanghai, the team’s co-founders Synth and Steve pointed out the reason they started the Skycoin project. It was meant to tackle the shortcomings displayed by both Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Though the coin is just now beginning to take root among the investors, it is worth noting that the project can be traced back to 2011, according to the co-founders. Some of the exciting features of this project include its Obelisk protocol that provides security to the platform via decentralized nodes.

However, the main cause of excitement for the Skycoin community involves the looming launch of its Skywire testnet.

3 Coins With Mainnet Launch In April And Could Be Big in 2018 – aelf (ELF), Skycoin (SKY), Golem (GNT)The Skywire network will be launched to provide a platform for dApps and tokens. This will pave way for developers to use the network to interact with other users on the network in a privacy-oriented peer-to-peer ecosystem.

Golem (GNT)

Golem is ranked 59th on the market and the token is eliciting a lot of interest as it looks towards the next stage of its existence. In the market, as most other tokens struggled to find support, GNT was surging. At the current price of $0.240, the Ethereum-based token has spiked 20.50% in the last 24 hours and 10.87% in the 7-day charts.

The startup has a market cap of $200,398,075 and a 24-hour trading volume of $45,177,600 against a circulating supply of 834,262,000 GNT out of the maximum supply of 1 billion GNT.

Golem Mainnet launch

The biggest event for Golem is its launch of the mainnet. After confusion that surfaced out of fake news on 9th, the token finally announced it had launched the much anticipated Brass Beta.

3 Coins With Mainnet Launch In April And Could Be Big in 2018 – aelf (ELF), Skycoin (SKY), Golem (GNT)Noting the work ahead, the team acknowledges they have a lot to do by saying that the team has learned a lot in the two/three years since they started building the project. As to why they chose to release a beta version onto the mainnet, the team says:

The main feature that users will benefit from involves having the freedom to transact with the Ethereum network while using GNT. This will help give GNT much needed usability and improve its value going forward.

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