3 Altcoins You Shouldn’t Ignore Anymore: Ethereum Classic (ETC), Dentacoin (DCN), Achain (ACT)


There are several coins and tokens on the market that potential investors can look out for. Three of these coins offer a good deal for long-term investing.

Ethereum Classic (ETC)-Aiming for top 10

The price of ETC against the USD hit the $20 level as it pushed further towards the top of the rankings. Currently ranked 16th, the coin saw its value shoot up by 9% during the Asian trading hours. As it stands, the coin could be in the top bracket by mid-May.

Why should you buy ETC now? The coin has surged +27% over the last 7 days to move up the rankings. This bullish call is backed by the level of interest the coin is garnering as we approach the end of April.

It is likely to gain even more in coming days. Most of the hype could be in line with the upcoming Emerald wallet release. However, some of it could also be related to the upcoming Casper protocol for Ethereum.

The point is that Casper protocol implementation is approaching, changing Ethereum to a proof of stake coin. That will leave ETC as the only platform on which miners can earn Ether. That alone has the potential to broaden its community. But the popularity of ether won’t be hinged on mining; it will be on how well it competes against ETH in the smart contracts circles.

Will it get the attention the counterpart gets? I think so. The 2018 calendar for the platform has one major milestone that for many industry experts, getting it right means the platform would be ready to start calling shots in the decentralized apps and smart contracts field.

Ethereum Classic (ETC) may not be high up on your list of coins to watch yet, but continued ignorance of about its potential could be a big mistake going forward.

Dentacoin (DCN) – Rewarding you for healthy dental practices

DCN is trading at $0.001018 against the USD, surging by +7.53% over the last 24 hours. as one of the hottest assets this week, the token has seen a massive +187% jump in its value over 7 days.  The 60th ranked platform presents a good opportunity for investors.

Why should you consider Dentacoin? Few coins have a defined use case as Dentacoin. It’s designed to offer the global community blockchain solutions. The ERC-20 token is already accepted as a payment currency for dental services in several countries, including the UK, India, the USA, and Australia.

The token recently got listed on Changelly and can be purchased using a credit card. This adds to the earlier listi9ng on Upcoin, giving it more visibility. But what might attract you to this coin may not be its price in the market. It’s what you get by using one of its 3 applications.

The three are: Dentacoin Trusted Reviews where you get rewarded for providing detailed and trustworthy written reviews about dental health. There is also Dentacare where you get a reward for participating in a 3-month program of caring for your teeth.

If you don’t get on that, then you can try DentaVox, a research-based platform for rewarding opinion on how to improve dental care. Instead of buying it for hodling purposes, get in and improve your dental health as you get rewarded.

Achain (ACT) – reward for your loyalty

The ACT token traded at $0.3297 against the USD this morning, gaining a 24-hour price jump of + 21.09%. Over the last 7 days, the token has continued to consolidate gains, moving +51.34%. With a platform that promises to deliver as well as the others, if not better, Achain offers an opportunity to get in at a low price.

This is one of the most undervalued projects in the blockchain industry. Part of the reason involves the stiff ecosystem it seeks to penetrate. Just like Ethereum, NEO, Lisk, and Cardano, Achain provides a platform for dApps development, smart contracts, and blockchain development.

One of the things that could see the coin rally is the upcoming listing on Cobinhood. The site known for hosting trading contests will add ACT to its tradable assets on 27th April 2018. However, that may not even constitute the biggest pull for this platform.

That honor goes to its loyalty program that rewards you for holding your tokens. It’s done in phases, currently on phase 3. The program is likely to last for more than three years, making it a lucrative way to earn ACT. The next phase of rewards will be done between April 28th and 30th 2018. If you need a platform that can give you some tokens while its value grows, then have a look at ACT.

Which project do you think holds the best promise going forward?

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